Ntsib Peb Cov Tswv Cuab Tshaj Xov Xwm

ECHO cov tswv cuab tshaj xov xwm pub dag zog dawb tshaj lawm 1,000 teev rau lawv cov zej zog txhua txhua xyoo. Ntxiv rau txoj kev uas lawv siv rab peev xwm los ua cov tswv cuab tshaj xov xwm rau ECHO TV, lawv puav leej ua cov suab lus rau hauv ECHO Phone (ECHO Xov Tooj) thiab pub dag zog dawb ua cov sawv cev rau ECHO cov tsoom fwv nyob rau hauv zej zog cov koom txoos – muab ECHO cov kev pab pub rau cov pej xeem hais tsis tshua tau Lus Askiv uas muaj kev tu ncua tshaj plaws.

Thaum muaj ib txoj kev puas ntsoog rau pej xeem huab hwm txoj kev noj qab haus huv los yog kev nyab xeeb, ECHO cov tswv cuab tshaj xov xwm txhais cov lus tshaj tawm pub rau pej xeem huab hwm (PSA) rau visthaj nyub, TV, xov tooj thiab ua ntaub ntawv xov xwm.

Yuav ua tsis tau ECHO cov luag num yog tsis muaj cov neeg no txoj kev koom siab thiab hmov tshua.


Abdirahman Ali

Originally from Jamame, Somalia, Abdi Ali has been with ECHO for several years.  Abdi works as a medical interpreter as well as a high school teacher.  Abdi says that “ECHO helps people with limited-English proficiency know what is happening in their community, country, and their world.”

Negassa Ayana

Negassa has been an ECHO host since 2011. He works in social service and became involved with ECHO through the Oromo Community of Minnesota. He thinks working with ECHO is important because he wants to help educate and inform community members about issues that affect the highly-populated Oromo community in the metro area.

Fathia Absie

Fathia started working with ECHO in 2013. She is a former social worker turned broadcaster. She works as a filmmaker, story teller, and freelance writer. She thinks, “The services ECHO provides for the community are vital” and she is delighted to get involved.

Vladimir Bronshteyn

Originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, Vladimir has been with ECHO since 2009. He enjoys helping ECHO with voiceover recordings. “I’m happy to help those in my community whose English is limited.”

Morgan Michilot

Originally from Perú, South América, Morgan has been with ECHO since 2004. He is a medical spanish interpreter and translator, web master, and former high school and community education teacher. Morgan says that, "Here at ECHO, we are part of a diverse growing community looking out for one another. As a TV co-host, I get to present up-to-date information, in a timely manner and in my own language, this is a lasting, heartfelt, and life-changing experience. At the end of the day… it matters."

Chamreun Tan

Originally from Battambang, Cambodia, Chamreun has been with ECHO since 2004. He is a supervisor in the Adult Case Management Unity at Ramsey County Human Services. Chamreun believes that ECHO is a good resource to help the Cambodian community understand a lot of health resources available to them.

Surraa Tolasa

Originally from Oromiyaa, Surraa has been an ECHO host since 2011. He is a student and became involved with ECHO through the Oromo Community of Minnesota. He thinks working with ECHO is important because he wants the experice of educating and informing the Oromo community of the Twin Cities.

Mang Troung

Originally from Xiangkhoang, Laos, Mang Moua Truong has lived in the Twin Cities since 1981, and has been with ECHO since 2007.  She has been a Telecommunicator/911 Operator for The St. Paul Police Dept and Ramsey County Emergency Communication Center (RCECC) since 2000. Mang says that “One of the greatest joys in life is being able to help those who are less fortunate.”

Mr. Henry Ung

Henry Ung joined ECHO’s hosting team in 2008. Originally from Kompot, Cambodia, Henry lives in the Twin Cities and works as an Ordinance Enforcement Supervisor at the Saint Paul Public Works Department. He was most recently involved with ECHO’s show on vaccinations. “I’m glad to be a part of it,” Henry said. “ECHO is an important resource for people with limited English language proficiency.”

Silvia Galarza

Originally from Mexico City. She has been working with ECHO since 2011. "It makes me feel happy and grateful to be involved in a project that helps people be informed and have a sense of being part of the community ".

Sinuon Leiendecker

Sinuon Leiendecker was born in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and started working with ECHO in 2006. She has her MSM and works as a Mental Health Practitioner.  She says, “I am honored to be part of the Cambodian team and ECHO family. The updated information about health care is very important for our community.”

Ms. Mao Thao

Originally from Thailand, Mao works as a Hmong health coordinator for a local public health agency and has been with ECHO since the beginning of the organization.

Ms. Lasamy Mila

“I like to host the Lao ECHO TV because I believe that I am helping the Lao community have the right information to deal with health and safety issues they and their families face. I am proud that I can serve my community!” Originally from Laos, Ms. Mila migrated to the United State when she was 13 years old.  She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor in Psychology.  Ms. Mila completed training required by the State of Minnesota for Emergency Managers and became a certified Emergency Manager in March, 2009.

Ms. Khambay Sivongsay

Originally form Vientiane, Laos. Works as a high school bi-lingual consultant.

Mr. Leo Espinoza

“I believe that each member of our community has the moral responsibility to help those less fortunate, in this particular case folks that do not speak the English language. There is no greater reward in life then to utilize your skills and talents on behalf of human kind.” Community builder, TV and radio personality, business owner, cultural liaison, and public speaker. Originally from Ecuador.