• It's imporatant to plan ahead for times when we may need help or may not able to make health care decisions on our own. There are many resources available wheter you're looking for guidance on aging at home, or how to pay for a medical service.

  • Affordable Housing

    Learn about renting or buying homes, and find resources for affordable housing.

  • You have the right to live anywhere you want to, as long as you can afford the rent and honor the lease. If both tenant and landlord follow the rules and do the right thing, a rented house or apartment becomes a safe and friendly place for you and your family to live.

  • Type 2 Diabetes is incurable and leads to serious health complications, and is sadly affecting more and more youth. In these videos, teens discuss the causes and consequences of Type 2 Diabetes and share prevention tips.

  • There is a special way to care for people who are dying. It’s called “hospice”. Hospice is care that focuses on keeping the patient comfortable and free from pain, with family present and involved in that care. Hospice gives patients and their families a safe, caring way to experience the end of a life. 

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Explore Make Money Work, a project designed to build bridges between various cultural communities and the banking/finance world.

Voices of ECHO

“I give the Lead DVD (Lead Free Home Equals Lead Free Kids) to each family that I visit. I cannot tell you how helpful important I think it is. Thanks again and we really appreciate the messages you are getting out there!!!”