Public Television and ECHO TV – A Unique Partnership

ECHO TV is made possible thanks to a unique partnership with Twin Cities Public Television (tpt) – an organization dedicated to harnessing the power of television and media for the public good.

In accordance with that mission, tpt provides the technical assistance, studio space and expertise to ensure the highest-possible production quality for ECHO programs, and all ECHO shows are broadcast across the state on tpt’s Minnesota channel. tptMN delivers the best in local, regional public television everyday, all day long. 

ECHO partners with St. Paul Neighborhood Network (SPNN) to produce our monthly television specials – and with local public access cable stations across the state to ensure the broadest possible distribution of our resources. 

CTV 15 generously partners with ECHO to train new community spokespersons and distribute monthly television programming as well as emergency communications.

These partnerships constitute a vital part of ECHO’s emergency infrastructure.  During a statewide health or safety crisis, ECHO’s partners in public television will broadcast life-saving information and instructions in multiple languages.