Sponsor a Topic

ECHO sponsors are critical to our success as an organization.  By providing crucial funding and expertise, they make our high-quality educational productions possible. Regular programming also supports emergency response efforts, by keeping ECHO staff and volunteers informed, trained and ready to act. 

In turn, we provide our sponsors with a unique and highly effective way to bring their messages, resources and expertise to limited-English speaking and underserved populations nationwide  

Sponsors choose the topic they’d like to produce, what languages they’d like to produce in and whether they’d like to distribute it over television, DVD, radio, web, phone, or a combination of media.  ECHO works closely with sponsors to craft reliable content, find bilingual guest experts, refine information to best meet the unique cultural needs of our audiences, and promote new resources to limited English speaking communities and the organizations serving them. 

"One of our priorities is to raise awareness about cancer prevention among our new immigrant and medically underserved populations, who lack easy access to health information in their own native languages.  ECHO fills that void in Minnesota, and we are thrilled to partner with ECHO to produce the ‘Understanding Colon Cancer’ show” – Roshan Paudel, Health Disparities Manager, American Cancer Society.  Sponsor of “Understanding Colon Cancer.”

Sponsorship opportunities are available for:

  • Health and Safety topics to promote awareness, prevention and well-being.
  • Emergency topics to help limited English speaking communities prepare for a crisis.
  • Civic engagement topics to enable new Americans to successfully integrate into life in Minnesota

If you are interested in sponsoring a television show, radio public service announcement or phone line message on a health, safety, civic engagement or emergency preparedness topic, contact Lillian McDonald, at 651.229.1304 or [email protected]