Emergency Information for Community Members

In an emergency, ECHO will work with public officials to provide you and your family with the information that you need to stay healthy and safe in multiple languages.

In the event of a public health or safety crisis:

Call ECHO Phone 1-888-883-8831 (toll free within Minnesota).  ECHO Phone will provide background on the situation as well as instructions on how to stay safe and where to go for more information.  ECHO Phone will be updated as needed, so be sure to call back frequently. 

Log-on to ECHO Web: Our home page will have updated information on the situation. and additional resources.  ECHO Web will be updated as the situation changes, so be sure to check back for the most recent information.

Tune in to Public Radio: ECHO’s partners in local public radio stations across the state will broadcast emergency messages in multiple languages.  Tune in to your local public radio station for situation updates and where to go for more information.

Watch ECHO TV: on Twin Cities Public Television and local public access cable stations.  During a major statewide emergency, information in multiple languages will broadcast so that you and your family know what to do to stay healthy and safe.

And always listen to the instructions of public health and safety officials – they are here to help you.