Caregiving for Older Adults--A Part of Our Culture

When someone helps another person—whether it’s their aging parent, or a neighbor with a disability—they are called a “caregiver”. Being a caregiver can be as easy as picking up groceries once a week, or as serious as providing around-the-clock care.

Giving care can be a wonderful gift. But in this busy, modern world, caregiving can easily become more than one person can handle. If you help out with the care of a family member, friend or neighbor, you ARE a caregiver! Get support, tools, and knowledge you need so that you can keep yourself in good physical and emotional health.

Watch the videos below to learn more about support for caregivers in this TPT|ECHO co-production, captioned and available in Spanish, Hmong, Somali, Cambodian, and English.  

To have your own guided discussions about the cultural obstacles and barriers in caregiving see this Discussion Guide available in:

Spanish - English Version
Hmong - English Version
Somali - English Version
Cambodian - English Version

Caregiver Tip Sheets and Resources available for download in:


Click here to watch real community perspectives on their joys and challenges in being a caregiver.  

We hope that these tools will help guide you in having these difficult conversations.  The steps below highlight the most effective way of using these resources:

1. Gather your group of caregivers interested in having a conversation about the unique challenges that different cultural communities face while being a "caregiver".
2. Play the first video "Caregiving for Older Adults - A Part of Our Culture".
        - This video provides an introduction to questions like "What is a caregiver?"
3.  Play the second video "Caregiving in Your Culture - A Conversation on Caregiving in Minnesota"
        - This video provides an example from specific cultural communities highlighting stories of real people and their joys and challenges on caregiving.
4.  Using the Discussion Facilitator Guide sheet - Facilitate your own discussion on the joys and challenges of being a caregiver.  This guide provides:
        - Video Summary
        - Important facts
        - Unique cultural features
        - Discussion topics
        - The Caregiving Tip and Resource sheet which is available to be distributed as needed for more information and support

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