Caregiving for Older Adults - A Conversation on Caregiving in Minnesota

Though we descend from a marvelous array of cultures, we all share a love and concern for elders in our families and communities. Each generation relies on the next generation of family members, neighbors and friends to help with small tasks. And nearly all the time, those loved ones are happy to lend a helping hand. But it’s rarely that simple and easy. Members of these communities are asking bold questions about how to adapt to this life, how to bring to bear the best of their traditions to address the challenges of aging, and how to leave behind the outmoded cultural traditions that are no longer helpful in this alien landscape. Those bold conversations hold the key to forging these new ways forward, ways that honor elders, lift up the best of their traditions and let go of unhelpful habits, for benefit of all.

Watch now to hear different perspectives on caregiving in the Hmong, Khmer (Cambodian), Spanish, and Somali communities of Minnesota.  These videos are captioned in English, Hmong, Khmer (Cambodian, Spanish, and Somali languages.

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