Emergency Weather - English Language Learning Curriculum

The Minnesota Literacy Council created this curriculum with funding from ECHO (Emergency, Community, Health, and Outreach). The goal of the curriculum is to educate students on the different types of medical care available including Emergency Departments, Urgent Care, and Primary Care Providers. It teaches students how to explain their ailments, make appointments, and ensure their medical needs are being met appropriately. We invite you to adapt it for your own classrooms.


Unit Overview

This is a 1-week unit where students will become familiar with MN weather emergencies and how they can stay informed and safe during them. Students will learn what conditions are necessary for tornados, thunderstorms, flash floods, and snowstorms, as well as how weather radios and other lifesaving mediums can help them during these emergencies. They will scan snow emergency parking diagrams for information, and identify even and odd numbers so they will know which side of the street to park on during a snow emergency.



Emergency Weather Unit Cirriculum