ECHO Ambassadors

ECHO ambassadors in East African, Latino and Southeast Asian communities play a key role in presenting ECHO educational resources and in ensuring that all programming is tailored to fit the unique needs of our diverse cultural audiences. As the voices of our communities, ambassadors serve as:

  • ECHO Media Talent, working in front or behind the camera, with roles including: Hosting ECHO TV programs, supporting studio staff, recording voiceovers, translating, and providing captions for TV programs .
  • Voices of ECHO Phone, so that monthly health and safety advice in multiple languages is always available to communities across the state. 
  • Ambassadors at ECHO events, working to bring  unique resources to the communities we serve together.

During a public health or safety emergency, ECHO’s experienced ambassadors lend their time and skill to help create emergency public service announcements for radio, television, phone, community outreach and print communications.

Together, we work to ensure that ECHO’s audiences are empowered with the tools that they  need to make informed decisions for themselves, their families and their communities.  So when the time comes to register a child for school, parents know the steps to take to get their child ready, and the options for children who need special help.  Elder-care givers learn about the importance of regular colon-cancer screening for family members over 50.  Families can find information and resources to make tailored emergency plans – so they’re prepared for situations like flooding, fires or a disease outbreak.

And that means a healthier and safer Minnesota for all of us.