In September, 2004, ECHO and Twin Cities Public Television (tpt) launched a groundbreaking new series, ECHO TV, to meet the health, safety and emergency readiness needs of Minnesota’s limited English proficiency (LEP) populations. 

Monthly programs are produced in collaboration with generous sponsors, content matter experts, public television partners and cultural advisors.  Programs are open captioned to assist viewers in learning English, making them an ideal tool for English Language Learner and Adult Basic Education classes.

ECHO TV broadcasts statewide on TPT’s Minnesota Channel (tptMN) Mondays at 8:00 pm. For a listing of tptMN statewide stations, click here.

Television specials are presented on-camera by ECHO’s team of talented ethnic hosts and feature interviews with bilingual topic experts to ensure that all programs are culturally appropriate, relatable and reliable.  Our program Affordable Housing explains what an apartment lease is – and why a lease is important – to viewers from cultures where rental agreements are typically informal.During a major, statewide public health or safety emergency, such as a pandemic flu, or terrorist attack, ECHO TV will broadcast life-saving information and instructions on tptMN in the languages our communities need most.  Click here for more information on emergency broadcast efforts.  

Find out more about sponsoring a showbecoming an ECHO TV host and accessing ECHO programs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online, over YouTube or on DVD