Child and Teen Checkups English Language Learning Curriculum

Dakota County Public Health’s Child and Teen Checkups Program created this curriculum with the help of ECHO (Emergency, Community, Health, and Outreach) as funded by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.  The goal of the curriculum is to educate students about preventive care for their children, teens and young adults who are on Medical Assistance or Minnesota Care.  We invite you to adapt it for your own classrooms. 

Overview:  This is a four-unit course, one hour per unit.  Students will become familiar with checkups, where to go for care, immunizations, dental health, child development, injury prevention, social/emotional health and the teen brain. 

Click here for the web page with the digital short videos and more information on Child and Teen Checkups.

Click on the links below to download:

Cover page for your 3-ring binder (PDF)

UNIT 1: Keeping Your Family HealthyInstructor's Guide (PDF)Student's Guide (PDF)
UNIT 2: Immunizations and Dental HealthInstructor's Guide (PDF)Student's Guide (PDF)
UNIT 3: Changes Through Time - Development and Injury PreventionInstructor's Guide (PDF)Student's Guide (PDF)
UNIT 4: Social Emotional Development & the Teen BrainInstructor's Guide (PDF)Student's Guide (PDF)

We hope you find this content useful. For questions, please contact Sharon Diedrich.