Egal Shidad: Stories of Somali Health

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Egal Shidad: Stories of Somali Health uses candid conversations to create programming for television, radio and ELL classroom use about three important health issues. More than 50 members of the Twin Cities' Somali community were involved in this project. Learn more about Egal Shidad: Stories of Somali Health by scrolling down to watch these four videos.

Learn what Egal Shidad: Stories of Somali Health is all about by watching this short digital presentation. (3:33 minutes in English only.)




Egal Shidad: A Mental Health Story (60 minutes) - This program provides mental health information for Somalis and organizations working with Somalis. Through storytelling and interviews it encourages everyone to talk about mental health and to seek resources. (In Somali - English subtitles provided)




Egal Shidad: Strengthening Parent/Yout Relationships (30 minutes) - Somali producer Mukhtar Gaaddasaar explores way sot bridge the communication gap between parents and teens. He talks to a Somali-American police officer, a group of recent high school graduates, and a parent (In Somali - English subtitles provided.) Developmental Assets from the Search Institute.




Egal Shidad: A Program about Sexual Health (30 minutes) - Mukhtar Gaaddasaar takes the audience on a journey to learn about sexually transmitted diseases. In frank conversations he explores social attitudes and risk factors that Somalis may face. (In Somali - English subtitles provided.)



Behind the Scenes of the Egal Shidad: Stories of Somali Health Project: This is a unique program implemented through the partnership of ECHO Minnesota, St. Paul Neighborhood Network, KFAI Radio Without Boundaries, and Confederation of Somali Community. Funding was provided by New Routes to Community Health, an initiative of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation dedicated to improving health for all Americans, with direction and technical assistance provided by MasComm Associates, LLC and the Benton Foundation. For more information about New Routes To Community Health, please visit




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