Caregiving for Older Adults--A Part of Our Culture

When someone helps another person—whether it’s their aging parent, or a neighbor with a disability—they are called a “caregiver”. Being a caregiver can be as easy as picking up groceries once a week, or as serious as providing around-the-clock care.

Giving care can be a wonderful gift. But in this busy, modern world, caregiving can easily become more than one person can handle. If you help out with the care of a family member, friend or neighbor, you ARE a caregiver! Get support, tools, and knowledge you need so that you can keep yourself in good physical and emotional health.

Learn more about support for caregivers in this ECHO-TPT co-production, available in Spanish, Hmong, Somali, Cambodian and English. Contact us to order DVDs.

Caregiver Tip Sheets and Resources available for download in:


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