Accessing Healthcare in Minnesota - English Language Learning Curriculum

This is a 1-week unit (4 days.) Students will become familiar with the importance of navigating the health care system as well as become aware of some health insurance options available in Minnesota. They will be able to identify costs associated with health insurance, describe why health insurance is essential and determine what plans they could be eligible for. They will also learn about accessing navigators to assist them with the processing of health insurance applications. Benefits included in health care plans will be highlighted, and students will be able to explain the importance of keeping track of health insurance documents. Additionally, learners will consider the benefits of maintaining a primary care doctor and attending well-care visits. Finally, learners will practice self-advocating by asking questions when communicating with health care professionals.

Focus of Week 1

  • Day 1: What is health insurance and why do you need it?
  • Day 2: How do you apply for health insurance?
  • Day 3: What are some effective ways to keep track of your health insurance and utilize your health care resources?
  • Day 4: What is the importance of self-advocacy when navigating the healthcare system?

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