A Good, Safe Place to Live - English Language Learning Teacher Resources

This is a 1-week unit (4 days, 8 hours) in which learners become familiar with key rights and responsibilities held by landlords and tenants in Minnesota.  They will be able to communicate more effectively with landlords and employ strategies to keep track of communication between landlord and tenant.  Learners will practice self-advocating by contacting legal aid.  Learners will be able to summarize tenant rights when finding housing.  Learners will be able to recognize housing discrimination and know how to report it.  Additionally, learners will be able to summarize what it means to be a respectful tenant.  This curriculum supports the College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education in English Language Arts and Literacy.  ESL learners will begin to develop skills in interpreting content-rich nonfiction text and have practice in supporting their statements with evidence from the text.  

Focus of Week 1:

  • Day 1:  What are the key responsibilities of landlords and tenants?
  • Day 2:  What are some effective ways to be a responsible tenant and a good neighbor?
  • Day 3:  What are your rights as a tenant and where can you access tenant support resources?
  • Day 4:  What is fair housing and why should you exercise your tenant rights?

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